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Wilburn New Member
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Driver package with accounting options

I'm working with a workcentre 7835.  I've noticed that when I use the web-based print driver installer I have another whole row of tabs in the printer properties, including the config for the accounting codes.  


When I try to use the "PCL6 Print Driver for Administrators" download, using the .inf file, I'm missing several options in the properties including the ability to input accounting codes.  No accounting codes = no printing. The driver with accounting codes is listed as "xerox workcentre 7835 PS" the driver without is listed as "xerox workcentre 7835 V4 PS" they both seem to have the same driver version: 10.0.15063.0 


So what am I missing or doing wrong?  Or is that option just missing from that driver package?   Thanks.

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-xrx
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Re: Driver package with accounting options

10.0.15063.0  is the version of Windows the driver is installed on


The web based installer uses the standard V3 driver, which has every option inside it.


The administrator drivers are V4, they are just like the MS class drivers, and per the V4 specification, you need to run the manufacturers app to get full features. For Xerox that is the Xerox Print Experience App



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