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Re: Error Exporting Accounting Log to Windows Network Share

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Excellent - this works exactly as I need it to. Although I did not turn on the automated export/purge for now, I may do so in the future.

Thank you very much!

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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Error Exporting Accounting Log to Windows Network Share

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I think it can't do SMBv2-3 properly. I usually just store it in a share on the FFPS and pull it back to the windows PC manually, or via a script.

My method is this:

On Free Flow Print Server
1. Open Terminal Window
2. Login as [su]
3. Go to [opt/XRXnps/bin]
4. run script, [./setEnableSambaShare on]
5. Select no for login as xrxusr
6. Name your folder, In this example (FFPS)
7. Restart the FFPS

This has created a share on the Freeflow that leads to /var/spool/XRXnps/CustomerJobs
From your pc it will be “smb:\\IP of FFPS\FFPS”

In the terminal:
cd /
cd /var/spool/XRXnps/CustomerJobs
mkdir accounting

Now in the FFPS software;
As admin:

Set AutomaticExport/Purge to Enabled
Select “Settings”
Set the directory to /var/spool/XRXnps/Customerjobs/accounting
Apply/OK and reboot

From your pc it will be “smb:\\IP of FFPS\FFPS\accounting”
There is no authentication, full read/write permission enabled.



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Joe Arseneau
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Error Exporting Accounting Log to Windows Network Share

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Product Name: DocuTech 180 HLC
Operating System: Windows 7

I am trying to figure out how to export the accounting log on Xerox FreeFlow Print Server (Version 7) over the network to a Windows computer. The export interface has the option to connect to an SMB network share, so it seems like this should be possible. 

The screenshot below shows the export accounting log interface. As you can see, there is the option to change Look In to Windows Network (SMB).





















What I have done so far is enter smb://DOMAIN/SERVERNAME into the "Directory" field and I get a prompt to enter my network credentials which looks as follows:


Entering my username and password allows me to navigate through the file system on the Windows server. I've tried both leaving the "Share Name" field blank and filling it in with the actual share folder I wish to save into (in my case it is called xeroxtest) - it does not seem to have any effect. 

With the "Selection" field from the first screenshot set to smb://DOMAIN/SERVERNAME/xeroxtest/AccExport_dp123_07192018_15.28.49.093860 (which is auto generated by the UI) - when I go to save the log in any location on the remote system, I get the following error:


Any ideas? I can see in the file tree that the directory does indeed exist. And it is not a permissions issue on the Windows server, because I can copy files into that directory from other Windows machines using the same credentials without issue.


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