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Xerox Analyst
Xerox Analyst

Re: Fiery/Pcounter question?

Hello adegaetano,


Pcounter tracks print jobs at the print server queue level. Any jobs that are re-printed using the Fiery do not go through the print queue which in turn are not tracked by Pcounter.







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Fiery/Pcounter question?

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We have a question that has recently come up at my companyregarding the Fiery/ Pcounter in keeping track of where print jobs are charged to or who they are charged to.


For example, when I send a document to the Fiery, I only request 1 copy.  Once I have previewed, properties reset/checked, and printed; I then process an additional 14 directly from the Fiery.  The question that we have is where are the 14 charged to as Pcounter only shows the original one sent from my computer to the Fiery?

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