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DanPic New Member
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HTTP Centerware communication problem

We are experiencing an HTTP communication error with multifunction peinters.

The top banner is blank at the login prompt and after providing the credentials, we are getting a blank page. Several browser were tested (IE, Firefox, Chrome). It seems that it's when there is an IP address change on the device that we might end up in that situation.


We found some ways to get out of this dead end but they don't always work...

1- Power down the printer completely and turn it back on

2- From the front panel, disable the HTTP protocol and turn it back on

3- Reimage the firmware


Since all of these solutions required to be on site with admin rights (except for power down), it's not practical in our case, managing 1400 printers all over the country.

Is there a setting in our browser that will prevent this from happening ?

Or, what would be the snmp commands to disable and reenable the http protocol, since I can stiil communicate with the device through SNMP at that point.

Or, better, what would be the SNMP command to perform a full software reset (not a reboot)?


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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-xrx
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: HTTP Centerware communication problem

Seems it would be much simpler to just clear your browser cache, because if you have 1400 printers I would assume a lot of different models, and if this was an issue with Xerox printers the internet would be full of complaints, or at least reports of it happening.


In short, Shift+F5 FTW



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DanPic New Member
New Member

Re: HTTP Centerware communication problem

I can add this to the threath...

From further test, I can add that its happening with 7830-35-45-55 models only, not hapening with 6655, 5955 and 3655 models. We observe that it might happen when we change the IP address (or change from DHCP to IP).

Re-imaging the firmware remotely (with dlm files) doesn't always work to reset the http interface but it might.


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