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Re: LDAP Search Question

Thank you liebherr for using the forum.

I have searched the knowledge base for the fault code that you mentioned and could not locate it.  Could you have possible meant error code 015-532?  If so, here is the solution identified for that error code:


I am not sure why the settings would differ from the other 5 copies but the knowledge base might have recommendations for configuring the LDAP settings.

If you are using CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS) you may want to check this solution.


If none of these help I would recommend you contact support at 1-800-821-2797.

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LDAP Search Question

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We have one 5325 out of all 6 copiers configured the same, although when trying to lookup names on the address book to email via LDAP, it gives us error 016-523. We were baffled as none of the copiers had needed any differing setup. We have like I said 6 other 5325 that are EXACTLY the same with no LDAP errors, so we ensured the password was correct, and even went as far as putting a trust certificate. SAME issue. It will not do lookups.


Any suggestions? 

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