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EROPHAS New Member
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Long-term support: Outdated FTP&SMTP without SSL/TLS is not compatible with anything today

Product Name: Phaser 6180MFD
Operating System: Not Applicable


we run a Phaser6180MFD made in 2009, which is in perfectly healthy condition, looks like day one, and just had 60k pages printed out.

If possible, we like to run this device until the bitter end, which may be another 10years.

The device is sold even today - brand new for 995.00€, which is equal to 1000USD.


The issue we run in, is the outdated FTP and SMTP.

Our company policies requre SFTP Server do not offer FTP without SSL anymore,

and our SMTP Servers all run on SSL or TLS.


Non of the protocols are supported.


Worse: SMTP is limited to Port 25 and from 5000 up.

But Ports like 587, 80, 465, 443 ... are left out.


At this moment, I am not able to set up any secured connection,

and I am not able to use the scan feature as I am locked out by the circumstances.

I need to create some dedacted FTP Server, isolated from the rest, to only run the Printer on it -

or I need to use SMTP by Port 25.

The second option was already tried with some SMTP relay service that is dedicated to this issues, but I am not able to see the logs and determe the even this solution does not work right now.


Anyhow: I tried contacting Xerox and for this registred my product.

Right after the registration, and still to this date, I CAN NOT contact the support by email as I get redirected to which requires to enter the registrated serial number of the product,

but it refuse my Serial Number.


All my other efforts to contact Xerox went out that the only options available are to call them, which is quite nonsens to me because the telephone support will not solve the issue.

All I want is to create a support ticket and ask for some updated firmware.


But after registrating here, and reading a bunch of posts here and in the open web, I am already pessimistic. Xerox does not show to have any long term support, seems like not caring for security issues like or the OCR issue.


So: May I ask the official Xerox stuff to update the Firmware of this device,

and by the way, update hundreds of firmwares?


Until yet, we are really unpleased with the Company Policies of Xerox and already consider to sell the device and purchase another brands device.




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Community Manager CherylO-Xerox
Community Manager

Re: Long-term support: Outdated FTP&SMTP without SSL/TLS is not compatible with anything today

Hello Erophas.

If you have not already resolved this issue, we suggest you search our online knowledgebase for this product: Phaser 6180

Alternatively, you can visit our Contact Us page for other support options.

Community Manager

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EROPHAS New Member
New Member

Re: Long-term support: Outdated FTP&SMTP without SSL/TLS is not compatible with anything today



no - I was not able to solve the issue.

Feel free to advise how?



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