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Taz New Member
New Member

Network printer and Xerox 7665 : Invalid Accounting ID error

I have received a new computer with Windows 7 installed but when l add Xerox 7665 printer on that computer everything went fine except that it prints sometimes and sometimes it does not  when it does not print it gives an error : The job was deleted due to invalid accounting IDs. Everything is set fine on the Accounting Authentication for that user.  I have found the drivers for Windows 7 but this is a network printer which is used by other computers running Windows XP. I am not sure what could be the problem, please help.



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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Network printer and Xerox 7665 : Invalid Accounting ID error

you hav probaly Xerox Standard acconting enabled... maybe with a limit / month


on the knowledgbase you can find many articles how to configure Xerox Standard accounting...


with Xerox Standard accounting you can block/limit copy and print with code/pin validation... if a users mistyped his code when printing , you get that kind of error sheet...


You can configure those accounting options in the driver properties

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tremblyj Member

Re: Network printer and Xerox 7665 : Invalid Accounting ID error

When you print to a Xerox WorkCentre which has either Network or Standard accounting enabled on it, you must configure the print driver to use the same accounting scheme as the copier.  When you do, you should see a popup box each time that you print with two fields.  These correspond to User Codes and Account IDs.  When you enter the two items in, the driver should remember your choices, unique to your local profile.  You should be able to just click OK each time afterward.  With Windows 7, if you do not upgrade to one of the last two releases (2010), the driver will not remember what you have entered, forcing you to re-enter them each time.

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