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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: New WorkCentre 7835. Do I need XDA?

Sounds like it's under the xpps or xrps contract. Under those contracts xda is needed to report meters and supply levels.

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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: New WorkCentre 7835. Do I need XDA?

This machine can absolutely report meters directly. It is not disabled for the USA market. There may be some reason that your account does not have the ability to use it, but the option is there for certain on the device.


Everything is done from the Centreware Internet Services in the printer. Just put the printer IP address in the addressbar of whatever browser you use.

Setup the DNS Server
Go to the “Properties” tab and login as the admin (admin/1111)
On the left choose “Connectivity>Setup
Then choose the “Edit” for the “Wired Connection
Select the “Edit” for the “IP Internet Protocol
Select the “DNS” option and confirm the DNS server info. If you don’t have this information at hand use the router/gateway for your own network and add as a secondary, select apply .
Now Time and date needs to be right, on the webpage still on the “Properties” tab:
On the left choose “General Setup>Date and Time” and confirm it is correct, if it is not, and NTP is failing, just set it to manual and input the time.

The only other point of failure is a Proxy Server, if you require one in-house it needs to be set on the copier to use it. The Caveat is if the Proxy is only required to communicate outside of your network to the internet, you will lose the ability to scan to your PC,s if that option is set up now. There is no workaround for this. So again, on the webpage, if you have a Proxy it will need to be set in the following location.

Connectivity/Setup” now scroll down and select “Edit” for the Proxy Server and set it according to your needs.

At this point select “General Setup/Smart eSolutions Setup”, select “enrolled” and click “Test Communication now” and it will succeed.


The supplies assistant has caveats with it though, while meters does not.
With the supplies, note the following:
After setup you would need to call the Supplies line and order some supplies, notify them you want to use Supplies Assistant and it has been setup to begin reporting. They will need to know what you have on hand already and how much you have of those things (So that you don’t end up with 10 boxes of Cyan toner for example) .

Anything related to ASR (Automated Supplies Assistant) after the machine is successfully connected to the Edge server to report meters is handled by the ASR team, they can be reached at 1-800-599-2198

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Joe Arseneau
New Member
New Member

New WorkCentre 7835. Do I need XDA?

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Hi Gang, we recently leased a WorkCentre 7835 with metered supplies. Our sales person has told me we must install this software called XDA to send in meter readings and supply levels. Long story short, due to security policies in place, we will not be able to install  that softwrae any time soon. We have the same machine at an office in Canada and the machine sends in its own meter readings etc via smart Soltuions. However, I have been told emphatically by my USA Sales person that the same system is not available fro Xerox USA. Can anyone clear up this confusion for me? 


Thank you




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