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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Not able to use clone feature

A tech would have to wipe the device to reset the password, so that is a no go.

Using another browser may get you in (Xerox and Chrome do not play well together)




Under no circumstance should you ever clone across devices!!!!!


The 2 printers you list are not even the same family 73xx is Fuji-Xerox, 78xx is Connectkey


It states right on the cloning screen that the devices need the same firmware levels in order to use it.





But, for future reference, while Xerox uses admin/1111, Fuji Xerox always had 11111/x-admin

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Joe Arseneau
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Not able to use clone feature

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I am trying to port the settings of my older pritner XEROX WorkCenter 7345 to the new XEROX WorkCenter 7845. So whenever I hit the clone button, I get a pop-up to enter the user id and password. I enter admin and 11111 because I changed the password from 1111 to 11111 and it does not let me enter and says that 


The server http:// XXX requires a username and password. The server says:CenterWare Internet Services.


I even tried 1111 rather than 11111 but still not letting me clone.


It fails and I cannot proceed. I really need to clone my templetaes and settings to the new printer otherwise I have to enter everything manually again.



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