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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: PCounter Issues?



Two things to try if the situation allows would be to load a PostScript driver to see if that fixes the problem and then you might have success reloading the PCL one.


Also, you might try changing one device to print direct to port 9100 and eliminate Windows and Netware.  If the problem still exists you have eliminated pretty much everything but PCouter and the driver.


Good Luck.

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New Member
New Member

PCounter Issues?

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Anyone out there using PCounter for their accounting needs? Are you having any printing issues with PCounter? Our configuration is across both a Windows and Netware network printing to 56-series, 73-series and 72-series printers; there are 60% using terminal devices to release jobs and a web-option to print jobs; 40% is using the EIP through Network Accounting. Our Windows environment seems to be the most troublesome when printing to our color machine (7232), we keep getting a "PCL error" or a "Stack Error" with "Color Mismatch"; is anyone else having this issue? We've been told it's a print driver issue and that we need to remove all printers and print driver and load afresh. Due to usage, we may need to wait for the holiday break to accomplish this feat; but if anyone knows any different that will keep us from a day's work and /or shutting down the server to do a printer and driver reload would be great.

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