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Re: Please Wait - ColorQube 9201 and XSA

xerox fixed lots of issues regardoing XSA, you probaly have an older firmware? can you post your version?


you can call xerox to obtain this latest release : 061.0x0.221.24900 , its not on the website yet

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Please Wait - ColorQube 9201 and XSA

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I have a strange problem that I hope someone may be able to help me with.


I have a ColorQube 9201 and have just enabled XSA on the unit. 

I created all of my users and have given them 4 digit codes to use. 

Periodically, after putting their code in on a walk up copy job the screen will display Please Wait. 

Sometimes, the user can break out of that Please Wait screen by selectiing the Services Home button and then selecting the service that they want, however, most of the time the user will press the Services Home button and then select Copy or Email and they are taken back to the Please Wait screen. When this happens the only way I have found to get out of that loop is to power cycle the machine.


Any thought?

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