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Technical Escalation User
Technical Escalation User

Re: Print security: Authorizing print jobs beyond login/logout settings

I don't know, and perhasps someone with more knowledge can answer here. The best bet would be to call Xerox 2nd level. 

But I think the V3, as opposed to V4 drivers have an option where you can put in the accounting code/group code. 

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Print security: Authorizing print jobs beyond login/logout settings

Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Background:  We have several large Xerox MFPs onsite.  (7xxx-series, C60s and AltaLink C8070)  We like the functionality and operation of the units.  Each has Xerox Standard Accounting activated and we use embedded authorization codes on our print jobs.  We just purchased a WC6515dn to review the possibility of using it in various locations and to check out the eConcierge program.

I've worked thru the configuration on the WC6515dn and all is working except print jobs.  I have defined my login/logout setting = Local, but have redefined my Basic Printing User role to essentially disable it.  This is to disallow any rogue access from printing jobs.  However, since the print driver does not allow embedded user codes/names for authorization, my print jobs fail.  (i.e. user is not logged in)  I know that enabling the Basic Printing User role will allow printing, but it will also allow ANYONE to print.  I am using IP filtering to reduce general access, but need more access/authorization control without additional IP or domain filtering.

I've created a new Printing User Role ("Dept User") and assigned it to my users accounts, but I'm trying to find a way to authorize a print job by auto-assigning the print job to the "Dept User" account so I don't need to have default access wide open.  Would Permissions >> User Accounts >> Link Account accomplish what I want to do?  I understand there are differences between our large MFPs and this 6515, but it seems this is just missing a piece of basic functionality.  If this cannot be met, we will not be purchasing/deploying additional units.  (This one is for in-department use and testing.)



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