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Re: Printer code pop-up will not prompt when printing from Windows Photos

You probably installed the Version 3 (V3) print driver. More often than not that is what is used for Windows driver installations. However in order to get prompts from Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications, such as Microsoft Photos, you'll need to use a Version 4 (V4) print driver. I see that you mention other photo viewers doing this as well. If you downloaded those viewers from the Microsoft Store then they are UWP applications and the same thing holds true. In general if you download an application from a website and run an installer that is not a UWP app and V3 drivers will function fully. If the app comes from the Microsoft Store then it is a UWP app and you'll need V4 drivers for the most funcationality. There may be exceptions to that of course.

Drivers are available in both versions at There are some features present in the V3 drivers that won't be found in V4, due to limitations outsid of Xerox's control, but for they provide the functionality that most users will need. Start by installing the V4 print drivers from I suggest using the Smart Start Installer which should install the Xerox Desktop Experience application that the V4 drivers need to provide the accounting functionality.

Let us know if setting up the V4 drivers was the solution for you.

Printer code pop-up will not prompt when printing from Windows Photos

Product Name: WorkCentre 7830/7835/7845/7855
Operating System: Windows 10

Hey guys, I work with these Xerox machines and we have been having some good success with them.

This one issue is odd enough for me to make an account here. We use Printer Codes at my workplace and the printer code prompt will pop-up for when a teacher wants to print something. However, if one of the teachers wants to print directly from the Microsoft Photo App (or other photo apps) there is no prompt... Thus the printing will fail. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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