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Re: Reset factory default

If you can access the IP of the printer from a web browser you can potentially factor reset the printer.  I was able to do this for my Xerox C235 C MFP when calling support.  If you click on "settings" in the "select option" box to the left, then expand out "maintenance" over to the right of the page that will get you to the reset option.  Check all three boxes if you want a full factory "out of the box" reset and click "start".  Your web page should disconnect and the printer should reboot with the language selection on the screen.

Best of Luck!


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Re: Reset factory default

Thanks for your quick reply.

Besides asking for a technician to reset the printer manually (only by a technician), I am not familiar with an alternative. Therefore I suggested to try "admin" instead of "Admin", that was the mistake that I made, when trying to login. After I successfully logged in with "admin", I changed the password and saved it with my BitWarden password vault.

Thus besides trying "admin", and retrying the standard passwords, I am sorry that I can not be more helpful to you.
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Re: Reset factory default

thank u for reply.

So there is no way to reset admin password reset without call support?

i tried to call with chat and they said that i have no assistance contract and they not help me.

it's not normal that i have to call assistance for resetting printing. it is no sense.

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Re: Reset factory default



Maybe not a fully answer to your question, but the name of the Admin account is written without capitals, thus as "admin", not as "Admin". The standard passwords are like 1111, 6789, or your S/N number. Otherwise you can better call your Xerox Customer Services.

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Reset factory default

Product Name: Xerox C235 Color Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows 11


I lost admin password and i want to reset it.

The procedure explain that i have to go on touchscreen at setting->device->reset but all button disabled because need admin credential.

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance.


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