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JoeDaft Valued Member
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Scan to email

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Product Name: Versalink and Altalink
Operating System: Not Applicable
Hi guys

What is the best option to block external
Scan to email? Can you remove the ad-hoc to option and have address book only?

Using exchange online and address book downloaded but want no users able to type in email addresses
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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Scan to email

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AltaLink. EWS > properties > Services > Apps > Email > Setup > Security


Or you can use the Domain Filtering option directly above there to block specific domains or to allow only specific domain(s)


VersaLink - EWS > Permissions >Guest Access > Edit > Device user Roles


Custom Permissions > Setup


Pick Email in the list and scroll down



If domain fioltering can be done on VersaLink, it would have to be globally, not just email, and I have never tested it, but in theory:

EWS > System > Security


Domain Filtering



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