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jpannell New Member
New Member

Secure Jobs Auto Deletion?

I've recently started forcing Secure Printing only on our Workcentre 6605s. I'm having an issue with people not retrieving or deleting old jobs. I've dug through the settings and couldn't find a setting to automatically delete old jobs. Does this setting exist on printer?

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js983e Valued Member
Valued Member

Re: Secure Jobs Auto Deletion?

In CWIS go to properties, services, printing, then general, under "Delete Held Jobs After" you can change the setting there.

techguy New Member
New Member

Re: Secure Jobs Auto Deletion?

This has been very helpful, js983e.

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Phill New Member
New Member

Re: Secure Jobs Auto Deletion?

Hi, i have a WorkCenhtre 7242, this machine doesn't seem to have the option to auto 'delete held jobs after'

firmware Version 1.207.5 (should be the latest)


is there another way to delete held jobs?

i have jobs in there for years



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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-xrx
Analyst Nation Moderator

Re: Secure Jobs Auto Deletion?

It doesn't have the option, and the machine is out of development so it cannot even be requested to have it added.


That being said, there are 8 versions of newer firmware, 1.207.200 is the last one and is dated 04/2013, your version was from 08-2009.


The biggest change is the ability to use SMB2, which makes it able to scan to Server 2008R2.


The Standard Software is located at


The PS Software is located at:

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