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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Secure print from USB

Secure print is a code used to release a document when you get to the printer so that "Gary in Sales" doesn't walk past the printer and see bosses printout stating he is to be fired end-of-day. This has no purpose at all with USB, you are standing at the printer to print the job, there is no security risk to speak of.


If you want to track who is printing what, you would have to use XSA, but that will apply to all print jobs no matter the source. (attached)


If you specifically want to block random people from using Print From USB you can simply lock that service which will require the person to log into the device, they would then to be given the admin credentials or a generic user/pass you created for the service.


CWIS > Properties > Login/Permissions/Accounting > User Permissions > User Permissions/Roles > Edit








Services & Tools > Custom > Print From > Not Allowed




Then choose Device User Database on the left and create accounts for everyone, or one specific account that you will share out to those in need.







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Joe Arseneau
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Secure print from USB

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I would like to ask, whether is possible to set password on usb printing, i mean when someone want to print from usb (the port is enabled), he/she need to write a password? This would really help in my office. Thank you in advance!

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