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Re: Securing printer on a quest accessible network

Hello there,

I am not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for but hopefully this can help:

Set up Login Methods (Local User Accounts/Authentication)

Use Local Accounts

Restrict Public Access on the Guest Account

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Securing printer on a quest accessible network

Product Name: Xerox B310 Printer
Operating System: Windows 10

Hi everyone,

I need to set up B310 printer in a small office which due to some issues has to use a public network. Printer will be connected to the network by Wi-Fi protocol and that is all we need for clients as well. No airprint or other features are needed.

Network itself is managed by another company, it is not simple router in a coffee shop. But still...cannot do any changes on a routers or firewall.

I was hoping there is a way I can set up each desktop PC and laptop to be able print via network, but at the same time keep printer hidden in some way, or if there is a password/certificate route perhaps, make printer to connect to only allowed devices.

Any ideas perhaps?


p.s. There is no domain in place, although on other sites we have domains setup and users have their office365/azure accounts. Altough on this site they are using stand-alone devices only. Wonder if that could be somehow used...? 

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