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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Setting Up accounting user names

CWIS > Properties > Accounting > Accounting Configuration > Xerox Standard Accounting

Check what you want to check, sounds like exactly this


Apply > OK > Reboot

CWIS > Properties > Accounting > Xerox Standard Accounting > Group Accounts

Enter anything, it really won't matter in the end, just needs to be done


Apply > Manage Accounting > Add New User


(1) What the person will type to use color

(2) What will appear on screen and in reports


Now here is the thing, even though it only tracks color, by default, every job is, You would need to set Copy defaults to BW, and print defaults in the driver to BW or every single job will want a code, because color is the default for everything (or at least Auto is). Trust me, you need to set it all to BW.

So the driver is in the Printing Preferences


Then do the same at the copier by logging in to it as admin and going to Machine status > Tools > Copy Service Settings > Copy Defaults

Now, when someone chooses color at the machine or in the print driver (assuming the right one and it was installed with bi directional enabled and you don't have a Fiery or Freeflow rip) you and they will be prompted for their code (9363 in my example above)

You can't get simpler directions than that, but there are of course caveats with driver setups, so if you have issues, you will need to type them out clearly for me to identify fixes.

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Joe Arseneau

Setting Up accounting user names

Product Name: Xerox Color C60/C70
Operating System: Windows 10

My accounting manager wants to try and figure out who is printing in color all the time when its not needed.  Trying to cut down on MFP cost as much as possible.  How do I set up a system to where when they are printing from their computers or making a color copy, they are required to input a specific user name and/or PIN?

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