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Standard accounting + secure print



I have 5945 & 7675 on site. Is it possible to have XSA and secure print works togather. I want a user print with ID and release with the same ID that I assigned to that user. Any help?




PS : I know printers has secure print option. But I don't want to use that. 

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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-xrx
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Re: Standard accounting + secure print

It is not, XSA on its own has no such ability.


You could create the XSA accounts and use them to print the job, and have all jobs set to hold, and create a user account for each XSA account, but then the jobs would not be linked, so the act of the user logging in to the printer would either release all the stored jobs, or they would have to find their job to release it, and they would still have access to everyones jobs.


What you are looking for is more along the lines of Secure Access or Equitrac, Follow you print (Follow you print comes with both solutions)


Easiest to implement by far would be to set the driver defaults to secure print with the same digits used for XSA, So they release with their ID at the printer and send using their ID, same 4 digits used in 2 ways.



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