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Re: Transaction (print/copy) limit for copies/prints using Accounting

Hi Kimzi and thanks for the reply.


Sorry, but I should have been clearer in my question. Those limits I understood and knew about, which is what we don't want to modify as each time a user hits their limit, a reset is necessary to resume using the service tracking. (please correct me if I am wrong about this).


On the older machines, there was this same user limit, plus a transaction limit, that was set to only allow, lets say, printing or copying 10 pages per each time the code was entered (and didn't require the administrator to reset that user's limit). The model I remember seeing the transaction limit was either a 7345 or 7435 (can't remember which one).


If I am wrong about the above and if we set a user limit to, 10 prints and 10 copies, will there be a need for the administrator to reset that user limit before the user can resume using the code to copy or print?





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Re: Transaction (print/copy) limit for copies/prints using Accounting

Hi you!


You will need to enable service tracking and edit the user accounts in centreware.

Have a look HERE


Hope that helps!


Best Regards


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Transaction (print/copy) limit for copies/prints using Accounting

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We have new 58xx and 78xx Xerox machines that we use Accounting for and we often get requested if there is a way to have transaction limits for users to only print/copy up to a certain number at a time.


We used to have this functionality on some of the older model 238 series, 5030 series and some older, but newer series like the 56xx and so one. The old CentreWare has different features than the new CentreWare and I was wondering if anyone knows of any way to setup transaction limits so where if a user goes to print or copy, punch in their accounting code and can only print 10 pages or make 10 copies per every time they enter their code.


I tried toggling several accounting features and haven't found if this is possible on the new 58xx or 78xx series Xerox.



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