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Re: Unable to update IP address after relocating printer

Hello SJC1985, 

Please take a look at the two links below for setting the IP address at the printer.  If you still need assistance after trying these steps please call into the support department at 1-800-821-2797. 

WC 6515- Setting a Static IP

AltaLIink C8030 - Setting a Static IP


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Unable to update IP address after relocating printer

Product Name: AltaLink C8030 / C8035 / C8045 / C8055 / C8070 Color Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Not Specified

An office for my company was relocated to a new building last week.

This office has two Xerox printers - an AltaLink C8045 and a WorkCentre 6515DN.  They both have YSoft SAFEQ installed on them.

The network at the previous office was decommissioned before the IP addresses on the printers could be updated to the new IP range, subnet mask and gateway.

Now the printers are at the new location.  The network has been configured but we are unable to log into the printers as Admin in order to update the IP addresses.  Because the machines have their old IP addresses, the online interfaces will not load and YSoft won't allow us to log in because it can't establish a network connection.

Any advice on how we may be able to change the IP addresses?

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