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Versalink Xerox Standard Accounting



I'm trying to understand the versalink software, but the more i explore more confuse i get, what was a granted thing on connectkey and a non issue now it's a problem. I just wanted to get that off my chest. in one off the meny problems i've found the latest was with the XSA. I have a lote of small companies with 1 or 2 machines (60 users) with XSA, the pin is generated by one person and he generates the report every month. Now in the versalink how can i generate an unique id, and not a name that anyone kowns and can change in the popup causing the confusion if an user on purpose puts the name of the collegue.  In the end of the month no one knows for shure who made what.

The other surprise of the Versalink, was if someone need XSA and secure print at the same time, the printer asks a double login to release the job, one for the secure print and next one for the account. It makes no sense if the user already puts the id on the driver side.

It's a problem only for me or is appening to many of you? Does anyone have a solution?



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Analyst Nation Moderator Joe053204-hcl
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Re: Versalink Xerox Standard Accounting

The trouble with VersaLink is that it is inherently different than everything Xerox makes because it was developed in a different market that has different requirements.


The VersaLink products are FujiXerox, the AltaLink/Connectkey products are Xerox.


The attached pdf is pretty much all I have been able to figure out for XSA as yet on the VersaLink products

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Xerox Analyst MatthewT37746-XRXL
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Re: Versalink Xerox Standard Accounting

As you may have already noticed, the Xerox Standard Accounting feature on the VersaLink products utilizes the User Accounts for accounting - rather than a separately generated PIN code.


There are a couple of different ways to address an environment where users may be selecting other users from the drop down lists when logging in to the device. One option is to require users to type in their username rather than pick from a list. In the Embedded Web Server go to Permission > Login/Logout Settings > Click Select next to Simple Login Method and choose the option Type in their user name. This will force users to type in their assigned username rather than picking from a list. Second option is to require users to enter a username/password combination. Go to Embedded Web Server and navigate to Permissions > Login/Logout Settings > Select Local as Login Method (you can also set the choice here to pick username from a list or force users to type into a field). NOTE: changing the Login Method will delete any existing User Accounts. So, ensure the Login Method is set PRIOR to creating any User Accounts. The User Account is the Xerox Standard Accounting (XSA) User ID (in driver) and the Account Name/Account ID in the downloadable Report, making tracking easy and secure.


With regard to Secure Print - this is an entirely different feature, and has a workflow designed to require the user to be in front of the device to release their print job for security purposes. The job does not automatically print when the user logs in to Accounting because that user may just be there to make a copy, or have multiple Secure Print jobs waiting for them that they do not want to all automatically print when they log in to the device. Different workflow and purpose than accounting - but still trackable by XSA.