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What is the best organizing app with cross compatibility with Linux and Android?

Operating System: Android

I'm currently using Joplin for note taking and to-do lists, but the one thing that's killing me is the lack of a calendar or the support for exporting to one. What are your suggestions for an organizing app?

Some important features for me:

Sync - Must be supported between Android and Debian 10.

Privacy - Encryption, preferably something like Joplin where your items are encrypted and sent to the cloud storage service of your choosing for sync and backup. I really don't want to login to some online service, either.

FOSS would be preferred, but I would be open to a small one time fee if it checked all my boxes.

Calendar - Must be able to at least export / sync with another calendar app with similar sync and privacy features. Ideally, it would have an integrated calendar (Android widgets and Plasmoids are a plus too.)

Does anyone have any apps like this that work for them?

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