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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Workcenter 7435 restricting color printing

There is no specific driver, but there is a specific type and method to get there.

It needs to be a V3, driver, not a V4 or Class driver, which is what Windows 8-10 use by default.(If this isn't your issue, skip the red)


So install the Xerox Global Print Driver.


Make sure you do not pick the printer from a list, install it manually on the PC's by selecting this.



Now again, if Windows 8-10, don't go into Settings , instead go to the Control Panel > Devices and Printers.

Right-click the printer and go to Printer Properties, there definitely will be a Configuration tab, although it should not be needed, if the printer has XSA enabled already, and the driver is setup correctly on install, it will already be set to use accounting. But....


The driver will still be set to use color, and most applications will as well, and applications tend to over-ride printer settings, so everyone will be prompted, and if they put the wrong information (they will since they don't have a working account) the job won't print at all.


You could probably work something out with the XML Configuration tool to sort of roll your own driver that doesn't do color but does everything else, of course the end user could just replace your driver with another one later and do color.


To do what you are trying (at least without a lot of manaul work setting it up individually per PC) will require a much newer printer (Newer devices have features to do this) or a print server of some sort.


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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Workcenter 7435 restricting color printing

Hello Mike T.

Thank you for using the forum.  One of our Technical experts will be contacting you to assist you in resolving your issue.  We appreciate that you have reached out and we hope that we are able to satisfy your requirements.

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Mike T
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Workcenter 7435 restricting color printing

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We have a small office that does an excessive amount of color printing relative to our other locations. In some cases they are black-and-white documents that have an unnecessary color logo. Management asked me to configure the machine so that only one user has authority to print color. Ideally, if necessary that user would be able to release a color job another user printed.


The quick-and-dirty way to approach this is to set the printer on each PC to default to BW, but I don't see this being an effective solution. There is no domain nor print server. So, my first question is, what is the least intrusive method to accomplish this; i.e., requiring no intervention by our users in normal printing. I'm looking at Xerox Standard Accounting and setting color printing and copying usage limits.


Second question: XSA requires configuring the print driver on the PC and the manual demonstrates how to do this. The problem is that when I go to the PC I don't see a Configuration tab. Is there a specific driver we should be using?



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