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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: XSA and mail notification

Email notifications are impossible with XSA enabled for scan.


The machine will fail to send a notification because the machine has no account in Xerox Standard Accounting to send from.

You can probably find a bunch of email failures in Job Status > Completed Jobs that have a status of 016-747 (The code for an XSA login failure)


But you can’t create the account for the machine to use because if they made that an option, the machine would use it for every interaction, you would never get a prompt to log in at the copier because it would be using its embedded account already.

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Joe Arseneau
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XSA and mail notification

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 I have a 8900 CQ, on which the accounting is enabled .

I also configured to receive an email notification lorqu'il are incidents or when toner levels are low.


My problem: I get no notification. If I disable the accounting, it works .


Is there a way to run the two options at the same time ?



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