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Re: Xerox CentreWare Web Console

Good afternoon my dear! I have a situation with a customer, he plans to add the administrative settings "Group Policies" over this prompts you to insert the cd with Xerox CentreWareWebsystem with the extension .msi.
Since we do not have a version of Xerox CentreWareWebwith extension .msi, but more simply the software with extension .exe.

Can they provide us a CD that containing the software Xerox CentreWareWebwith extension .msi in one of your directories?

My dear this subject is very important, appreciate a response soon.
best regards

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Agency Analyst
Agency Analyst

Re: Xerox CentreWare Web Console

I think you are looking for this information:

Solution : Modify a CentreWare Web (CWW) User Account

From the server or computer where CentreWare Web is installed:

Click on the [Start] button, click on [All Programs], select [Xerox], then [CentreWare Web], and then click on [CWW Configuration Utility].
Click on the [Run as Account] tab.
Click the [Change Account] button.
Under the Specify Existing Run As Account section, enter the new user name and password in the fields provided.
Select the domain or workgroup, if available, from the Domain or Workgroup pull-down menu.

NOTE: Only domains or workgroups on this server or trusted by this server are available.

Click [OK] to save changes.
Click [OK] again to close CWW.
Thank you,
Jordan R.
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New Member

Xerox CentreWare Web Console

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Anyone know how to add login credentials to get into the Xerox CentreWare Web Console?


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