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BarrieC New Member
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Xerox Phaser 3610

I need to access the web interface on one of our Phaser 3610 printers and the password is not recognised. Is there a way of resetting the printer back to factory defaults removing the passwords?


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Xerox Analyst Skip930122-XRXL
Xerox Analyst

Re: Xerox Phaser 3610

to reset the device to the factory default setting...


The Reset Defaults feature restores the system settings to the factory default settings.
CAUTION: Resetting NVM to the default erases all fax numbers, email addresses, and server
addresses from the Address book.
To reset defaults:
1. At the printer control panel, press the Menu button.
Note: To navigate through the menu, use the Up or Down arrow buttons.
2. Navigate to Admin Settings, then press OK.
3. Navigate to Service Tools, then press OK.
4. Navigate to Reset Defaults, then press OK.
5. At the Are you sure? prompt, press Yes, then press OK.
After the process completes, the printer to returns to Ready.






Skip Benson
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Stef New Member
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Re: Xerox Phaser 3610



I have a similar trouble with one of our Phaser 3610.
Unfortunately the way you explain doesn't work.

When i reset the settings, the printer return to english and delete paper setting, but it keeps the IP address and unfortunately, the credentials too !

What can we do else ?

Best regards.

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keimiller New Member
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Re: Xerox Phaser 3610

I have the exact same issue.  Was there ever a fix for this?

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