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howiedog New Member
New Member

Xerox WC7845 accounting issue

I have a WC7845 setup for various users being assigned to various group accounts.

The issue I am having is around the assignment of a User to a Group Account.

I am using "Xerox Standard Accounting" in case that has influence on my issue.


create user: 5555

create group acct: 5555

assign user 5555 to group account 5555, set limits etc.

This all seems to work except........there is a "default for new users" account under "Group and General Accounts". If I "edit" this 999999 account is shows 8 of the 14 user accounts assigned to this Default Group Account. I try and remove all users from this account, save, and they all come right back. I cannot remove users from this account. And I do not understand why 8 of 14 are only checked....? I have an issue where a user goes to the Machine, enters the appropriate code (5555) to login, the next screen then asks to select what Group Account, and the 999999 and his 5555 are the choices. Default 999999 shows up first, if they do not pay attention it goes to default. Now I have a bunch of copy/print jobs being assign to the wrong account.

How do I UN-Accossiate Users from this Default Account...which cannot be deleted!!

My accounting is now all screwed up. I must be missing something??

Any ideas??

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howiedog New Member
New Member

Re: Xerox WC7845 accounting issue

No one has any idea's that I can try??


Would sure be helpful. 


I will place a call to support next week if there are no responses on the forum. Probably not the best place to post considering I need an answer sooner than later.




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Xerox Analyst MargoV-Xerox
Xerox Analyst

Re: Xerox WC7845 accounting issue

what you may want to try is to export the XSA data, set everything back to default (removing all accounts and information) and start over. it is possible you have corrupted data. you should be able to reimport the data.


good luck!

Margo Valens, Xerox Customer Trainer
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DPTS Valued Member
Valued Member

Re: Xerox WC7845 accounting issue

Has anyone provided a solution that actually resolved this problem?
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