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Re: reset password WC 5020DN

The correct method is the next one:


Press and hold down the [0] button on the keypad for 4 seconds or longer, and then press (and quickly release) the [Start] button while still keeping the [0] button pressed.


"_ _ _"  is shown on the display.


Use the keypad to enter the 6789


Press the [Start] button.


Once in the Diagnostic Mode, "C_ " (Chain Code input screen) is shown on the display.


Use the keypad to enter the 999


Pressing the [Start] button will show the "L_ " (Function Code input screen) on the display.


Use the keypad to enter the 993


Press the [Start] button again.

While the NVM is being initialized, "run" is displayed.


When NVM initialization is complete, you will be returned to the Function Code input screen.


Switch the machine OFF and then ON again.

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Re: reset password WC 5020DN

here you go :



The SysAdmin Password has been lost or forgottenCause:

To reset the administrator password, power off the machine, remove the NVM Battery on the AIOC PWB for one minute.

Re-install the NVM battery on to the AIOC PWB, then power on the machine.


Note: this will clear all configuration and registration settings, these will need to be reset.

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reset password WC 5020DN

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Hi everyone

I recently got changed the password and username of a WC 5020DN. But I didnt document the password.

Is there any procedure I can follow to reset password? I didn't find any on the user manual.

I tried to push 0 (5 sec) + start, then 6789

  C 999
  L 993


C 58
L 20

but without success !!


Thanks in advance for your help.

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