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Re: workcentre 3335 Address Book keep loading

Ma Gecko,

I would start with trying to re-clone one of the machines that you are having with, from the one that is still working.

Before I was forced to take over the printer support, they were trying to enable this feature, And they were not able to. So they reverted this option. I belive that they just recloned the defective devices.

There could be a limitation on how big the address book can be. Even though you state its only 100 entries.

What I have on the devices here; Under the Policies Section

Properties -> Services -> Email -> Setup -> Address Books

Use Device Address book: Yes (No Check mark for "View Favorites on Email Service Entry") 

Use Network Address Book: Yes

Default Address Book View: Network Address Book (LDAP)

You'll need to configure the LDAP settings as well, if you haven't already done so.


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Re: workcentre 3335 Address Book keep loading


SOLVED!!!!   Our tech, Jesse C. solved this issue for us.

Apparently, you need to add a Data Card/Micro SD chip to the 3345's processor board. This gives the machine the needed storage space to load the Address Book.

Once he installed a 64GB SD (Not 100% sure) storage card onto one of the Processor Boards inside our machine and rebooted the machine, the "Loading" icon dissappered, and the Address Book became accessible again!

I don't know the specific steps, or what size data card he installed, but that fixed the issue for us!!!!

Three Cheers for Jesse!!!