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Community Manager

Xerox Support Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Xerox Support Community. The mission of this online community and forum is to provide a peer-to-peer support channel as a service to our customers and partners. The community and forum will help in finding answers, providing solutions, exchanging ideas, tips, information, and techniques related to Xerox products and services. 


Guidelines and Rules have been identified for everyone to follow so that you are aware of what is expected of you and what you can expect from others who participate in this friendly and informative community and forum setting. We are hopeful that this will become a forum that facilitates innovation and collaboration.


To keep the community and forum productive and usable for all members, it is critical that users follow the guidelines outlined below. Additionally, usage of the community requires acceptance of and adherence to the Xerox Terms of Service.


Usage of the Xerox Support Community requires acceptance of and adherence to these Rules, the Xerox Terms of Service, the Xerox Terms of Use, the Xerox Online Privacy Statement, and any other terms included by Xerox on the site. If you don’t accept these Rules and terms you are not permitted to use this site and should discontinue the use of the site. 




To ensure a safe and productive community, you will be required to observe these community Rules:


1.  It is always advisable that users search the archives of previous messages to avoid duplication of questions and to take advantage of previous contributions from the community. There’s a good chance that it has already been posted.  If it looks like the question hasn’t been answered, please post!


2.  Ask well-thought-out questions and share what you've learned so far in your experimentation or prior research. Your posting should have a positive tone and your comments constructive. Respect the fact that others will be reading your posting and their time as well as your own is valuable. Please do not use the forum to ask account-specific questions. For issues related to billing or licensing and other account-specific issues, please contact the eBusiness Customer Support team at 1-888-998-9922 or by email at


3.  Make sure your postings are relevant. If you have a new question, start a new thread rather than interrupting a conversation.  If you cannot find a board appropriate for your comment or question, please contact the moderator or provide feedback on the Community Suggestion Box board. Solicitations and advertisements are not permitted. Posts made specifically for the promotion of a website, product or service are considered advertising, spam and/or other self-serving material and will be removed.


4.  Protect your privacy, your organizations, and others by not sharing information that you would not want seen posted through the web. Don't post personal information including contact information or information received in personal communications without the author's consent.  All statements made and acts that occur through the use of your user name and password are your responsibility. If at any time you feel your user identification or password(s) is compromised, or if you become aware of any unauthorized use of your account or other breach of security, you are responsible for promptly notifying us. Your Discussions alias is the only personal detail that is visible to other Discussions users. This forum uses your email address only to send you system emails, like notifications of any new posts in topics that you have subscribed to. In cases of extreme violation of the User Guidelines, the email address may be retrieved from the database to contact you.


5.  Obey the law and keep your word. Don't post anything that would violate any law, or any contractual agreement that you have made.


6.a.  The content on the site comes from a variety of sources, primarily from community members. The opinions expressed in the Xerox Support Community are those of their authors and not of Xerox or its subsidiaries and affiliates. Xerox makes no claims or representations as to the accuracy, completeness, or truth of any material submitted or found in the discussion areas. Xerox is not liable for any errors or delays in the content or transmission of postings on the site. Be sure to apply good judgment if your intentions are to apply any recommended solution. Your situation, configuration, or implementation may vary. 


6.b. No website links outside of Xerox control will be permitted in a post or in your signature. Xerox is not liable for any website links posted within the discussion areas; website links posted in the discussion areas may link to sites not administered or under the control of Xerox and users open such links at their own risk.


7.  If you recognize any violation of the guidelines set forth for this community, please notify us within the community by choosing Report Inappropriate Content from the message's Options menu.  If you have a question and are not sure if the posting in question violates our guidelines, terms of use, terms of service, or policies, please contact us at


8.  If you are a Xerox employee you must identify yourself as one. You must always be clear that you follow the Xerox Community policies set down for customers and employees.


9.  Follow the Xerox Terms of Service.




Your posts appear automatically, but posts that violate the guidelines or show a disregard for the guidelines, our staff and our community, may be edited or deleted by a moderator.  Moderators may at any time and without prior notice remove any posted message or thread, delete words that violate the guidelines from posted messages, remove any content deemed irrelevant, inappropriate or overly self-promotional or ban your account for violating the  reasonable provisions. We reserve the right to edit or remove any content without warning.  Repeated and/or serious violation of the guidelines may result in a user’s account being deactivated, losing their account, or even legal action. These guidelines are subject to change at any time without notice.


If you have a complaint or suggestion, you're welcome to contact us via the Community Suggestion Box. If you have a complaint about intellectual property infringement, including copyright infringement, you must follow the procedure for making claims of infringement described in the Xerox Terms of Service.


The Xerox Logo and Xerox Employees


You will notice that some community members have a Xerox logo next to their names.  This identifies them as Xerox employees. We have an administrator and team of moderators who are monitoring the discussions. Their main duty is to help facilitate the functioning of the boards and oversee that all members follow the Rules, the Xerox Terms of Service, the Xerox Terms of Use, the Xerox Online Privacy Statement, and any other terms included by Xerox on the site. On occasion, they will answer questions regarding how to use and navigate the site and post news and information regarding Xerox products and services. Keep in mind, though, that the Xerox Support Community is first and foremost a peer-to peer community and not a direct support channel.  If you need immediate assistance or you have questions where you need to engage our support staff, please contact us. We will be happy to help!


By using these forums you agree to follow these rules and guidelines as well as the full Xerox Terms of Service for the Xerox Support Community.  If you recognize any violation of these rules and guidelines, please notify us within the community by choosing Report Inappropriate Content from the message's Options menu. 

If you have any questions about our rules or terms, please let us know by posting them in the Community Suggestion Box.


For more information, please review the Xerox Terms of Service, the Xerox Terms of Use, and the Xerox Online Privacy Statement.


Official Xerox Documentation


The following items are official Xerox documentation that you may reference:

Community Manager

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