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Re: Azure Error after a Workplace App update?


Accounts using Azure AD advance mode in conjunction with either the recently updated Mac Client or the Workplace App, it is required that they make updates to their Azure AD single tenant authentication app.  Their Azure administrator will need to make these changes in their tenant.

Required Changes: (Applies only to customers using Azure AD advanced mode AND which use the Mac Client or Workplace App)

  • Add the following redirect URI values to your existing Azure AD advanced mode “Native Application” app in your Azure tenant:


Platform Type


Mobile and desktop applications      


IOS / MacOS           

IOS / macOS               


[Note: You do NOT need to update the “Web Application” app in your tenant].

Impacted Versions:

  • Mac Client version 1.3.5 and later – introduced on June 12, 2023
  • Workplace App (IOS and Android) version 6.0.2 – introduced on August 11, 2023


  • Changes were added to the Mac Client and Workplace App (IOS and Android) to better support InTune management.  This included updating the MSAL authentication libraries from Microsoft.
  • The modified client/apps makes use of new URIs, used to return the results of the Azure AD authentication request to Xerox Workplace Cloud.
  • The Xerox Workplace Cloud multi-tenant app (used for simple mode) was already updated for these new URIs.
  • If you are using Azure AD advanced mode, along with either the Mac Client or Workplace App, then it is required that you update your single tenant ‘Native Application’ app to add these additional URIs.

If you need further assistance please engage with Customer Support.

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Re: Azure Error after a Workplace App update?

I am very interested in the information you have provided.
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Azure Error after a Workplace App update?


There is a ticket open IT-015976 on this error but is there known issue with the Workplace App after the most recent update.  The Workplce app was working but now throws the following error.

Azure Error.jpg


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