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Xerox Workcentre 3225 multifunction printer not found by Xerox Workplace android application

good day, i have a xerox workcentre 3225 multifunction printer and is configured and works with both xubuntu linux and windows 10 and 7 systems. 
On my samsung Galaxy s7 with android 8 phone configured as hotspot serving internet to all home devices, if i try to find xerox printer connected also at mobile phone hotspot (and windows and linux pc can print&Scan without problems with this network config) no printer was found. 
You can modify the xerox Workplace plugin/application to find on the network also devices connected via wifi to mobilephone hotspot itself?
A Iphone configured as hotspot can find and print the network connected to hitself hotspot wothout Workplace application. Only on my android i cannot search printers connected via wifi to android hotspot itself
i'm ready to debug/test the problem with the Xerox Workplace android app for free with xerox developers/technician
thankyou vero much
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