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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

[CLOSED] Critical Patch for Xerox® Workplace Cloud Windows Client (SPAR) Release notes - 11/22/2021

A critical patch for Xerox® Workplace Cloud Client 5.7 will released on November 22 at 8:30 AM EST. No downtime is expected. It will contains following fixes and critical enhancements:

Resolved Defects
* None

Planned Features

Eng. Ref.



Allow configuration of maximum file size for desktop upload to cloud


For accounts with Local Print Optimization set to “DISABLED” or “ENABLED WITH CLOUD BACKUP” a setting will exist at the client level that will allow the account to restrict the size of the files that are uploaded to the cloud on a client by client basis. If Local Print Optimization is set to “DISABLED” jobs will fail if their file size is over the specified size. If Local Print Optimization is set to “ENABLED WITH CLOUD BACKUP” and a job size is over the specified size, the job will proceed, but a Cloud backup will not be available for use and the local copy will need to be accessible for the job to complete successfully.


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