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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

[CLOSED] Intermittent Performance Issues impacting Workplace Cloud

We are currently investigating reports of intermittent performance issues on Xerox Workplace Cloud between 02:30 EDT and 05:30 EDT that were resulting in errors being reported when authenticating to the solution.   

We have put additional monitoring in place, engaged with Microsoft, and taken actions to mitigate the situation as we investigate the underlying cause. 

Updates will be provided as more information is available.

[UPDATE 2021-10-07]  - Additional capacity and monitoring added in the last 24 hours has mitigated the majority of the failures.  The source of the failures has been identified and software patches are being tested for deployment to production.  Additional updates will be given regarding the patch deployment once it is ready.  In the meantime we will continue to monitor and mitigate if issues increase.

[UPDATED 2021-10-13] - Patch to address the performance issue was applied at 9AM. We will continue to monitor the system.

[UPDATED 2021-10-28] - Closing out this issue. Post patch deployment monitoring shows the issue is resolved.

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