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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

[CLOSED] The XWC solution is exepriencing slow performance issues.

At 2AM EST, the Xerox Workplace Cloud web services compute cluster in the Azure UK South data center started experiencing slow performance due to increased load.  Autoscaling would normally take place to address the increased utilization.  However, due to an Azure issue, the auto scaling is not working properly and the number of nodes servicing requests remained at a low capacity.

This causes slow performance and timeouts across the entire Xerox Workplace Cloud application for European customers.

Microsoft has confirmed there is a temporary scaling limitation.

We are shifting capacity to the UK West data center and we will put this mitigation in place by 8AM EST.


7/26/23 - 9:54am (EST)

After making the change to use UK West, customers confirmed that things are working normally.

This incident is now closed.

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