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Xerox Employee

[CLOSED] Xerox Workplace Cloud - LDAP Authentication Issue for Upgraded Agents

We have discovered an LDAP Authentication problem related to the new Agent (version 5.7.128).  If you have enabled the “Use SSL” option for you LDAP server(s) and the user is attempting to authentication at the printer via the alternate login method (manual credential entry) or they are trying to register a new card, then they may experience an authentication failure.  This problem is only experienced at the printer and does not impact login to the web portal, mobile app or Chrome extension.  The full set of conditions required to experience this problem are:

  1. Company Authentication method is set to LDAP and the “Use SSL” option is enabled.
  2. Customers LDAP server(s) block un-encrypted communication over port 389.  Only encrypted traffic over port 636 is allowed.
  3. Customer is using Agent version 5.7.128 (released on Saturday, January 22nd).
  4. User attempts to authenticate at the printer using alternate login or is attempting to register a new badge or card.

A fix to the Agent is being created and will be deployed this evening (January 23rd).

Required: Customers at Agent version 5.7.128 must update to the latest version being deployed this evening 5.7.129.  If auto-upgrade of the agent is enabled, upgrade should occur without any intervention.  In the event that your Agent has not yet auto-upgraded (or you manually upgraded to version 5.7.128), please upgrade to the latest version.


Jan 24, 2022 - Update

Fix was deployed Jan 23rd and confirmed to address the issue.

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