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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

[CLOSED] Xerox Workplace Cloud Notification - Print Rules issue

Between 7:30 am EDT and 10:30 am EDT, Xerox Workplace Cloud hosting operations proactive monitoring alerted that database utilization was over 90%. Troubleshooting found that the print rules feature was the cause of the increased utilization. This has resulted in the temporary disablement of print rules.

Note: Unless your account is using Print Rules, you are unaffected by this temporary change.

If you see the following error message, “There are no rules defined which allow you to use this device at this time”, please disable print rules on the Account->Policies tab in Xerox Workplace Cloud.

Additional details will be provided in the coming days

If you have any immediate support issues, please engage your normal support channel.


Update - Nov 7, 2023:  This issue was addressed with the Oct 22 release of XWC.  If you have disabled Rules previously, you may re-enable them.

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