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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

[NEW] Performance issue possible with some configurations of Workplace Cloud Direct

Devices configured for Workplace Cloud Direct (manager printer without an Agent) can experience slow or stuck printing in the following circumstances:

  1. Xerox Workplace Cloud desktop client cannot directly connect to Xerox MFPs (client on different physical network than printer), or Local Print Optimization is disabled such that all jobs are routed to the cloud and never on the local network.
  2. Xerox MFPs are set up in Cloud Direct Mode
  3. “Enforce Job Order” has been enabled for users experiencing this problem

There is a performance issue in the Xerox Workplace Cloud infrastructure that we are working to address.

We will be implementing several configuration changes in the next week to mitigate the performance problems users are seeing.

In addition, for users experiencing problems with the above configuration, the “Enforce Job Order” setting can be changed to “Maximize Performance” to mitigate this issue immediately.  This must be done at the user level (in the User Profile).

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