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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Bypassing the cloud

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Sorry to hear you are experiencing slow performance.  I trust the support team will be able to help you with that.  In the meantime, some suggestions are:

1. Using the direct print feature in XWC.  The user can use the desktop client application to add a direct printer.  This installs the GPD and sets the printer model to match that of the device.  When submitting a job to this printer, choose the Secure Print option for job type and set a PIN.  The job will get held at the printer and the user will be required to enter the PIN to release it.  [There are some setups that can be done via the WebUI of the printer to allow you to release the secure jobs via authentication, assuming the logged in user identify matches that of the submitter.  Alternatively, you can disable authentication and use the PIN to release you documents via the Jobs app on the UI of the printer].  The advantage of using this method via XWC is that you can submit direct jobs from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

2. Set up a normal printer in Windows using the TCPIP Port monitor and the Xerox GPD driver.  When submitting a job, select the Secure Print option for job type and set a PIN.  [Submission is limited to only your business network.  PC and printer must be reachable on the network (internet is not used)].


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Bypassing the cloud

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Currently our XWC solution is quite slow in terms of printing which we are already have a ticket in for however, I am wondering if there is a way to bypass the cloud and be able to print locally and still have some solution to securely release (4-digit pin etc.)


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