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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Group access using XWC

Hi Salvador,

If using rules, keep in mind that user must be in an a rule, otherwise they are blocked.  So you usually want a starting rule for all users and what they are allowed to do.  Then a more focused rule on specific users or printers about granting them greater rights.  Here is what I would suggest:

  • You would want to create 2 Printer Groups first.  One for the specific printer where you want to limit access (Just Printer X) and then one that has all other printers except for the one unique device (All Devices Except for X). 
  • Then create a User Group that has the limited set of users which can access the unique printer (Users of Printer X).  You can create the group manually be adding users, or if using LDAP or Azure AD, it's possible to map to groups pulled from the identify provider.
  • Next create a Rule that grants all users access to the Printer Group of 'All Devices Except for X'.
  • Then createa a Rule that only allows 'Users of Printer X' to use the printers in group 'Just Printer X'.


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Salvador Flores
Frequent Member
Frequent Member

Group access using XWC

Does anyone have instructions or information, other than what is listed in the admin guide, for setting up an Altalink to only be accessed by a group of users?  I see information on restricting a group, but the customer has thousands of users and it would be easier for them to create an allow group rather to add everyone else to a restricted group.

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