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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Printer installation on Mac and Apple mobile app problem

The XWC Mac client only supports the custom driver follow-you submisison path.  The generic upload path and direct print are not supported.

The version of the client download by the administrator includes the .json file.  The version downloaded by a general user does not contain this file.  The admin version that should be used for IT group deployment to user workstations.

You can remove a favorite from and apple device as follows:

1. On the Favorites list select the "i" symbol on the same row as the favorite printer.

2. In the lower right corner is a heart icon.  Select that to remove the printer and confirm.

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Printer installation on Mac and Apple mobile app problem


We have a problem with printer installation for print into Workplace Cloud from Mac OS environment.

After downloading Mac client from Workplace Cloud Account Configuration section > print from pc, we recieved zipped XeroxWorkplaceCloudClient.pkg with configuration file accountid.json.

We have unzipped both files in the same folder but after installation and user sign in, client will not automatically install printer

Windows 10 operating system install this printer after client installation and user login correctly.

I noticed next several less important anomalies during testing this solution.

When I try download mac cloud client from section print > computer  I recieve only one client installation file XeroxWorkplaceCloudClient.pkg without file accountid.json.

When I try manually install direct printer or follow print device, I recieve file XeroxWorkplaceCloudClient.xwcdp which I don't know how to open and solve our first problem by manual printer installation.

When using mobile phone application from Apple device, I noticed no possibility to remove favorite printer from list. Android version of this app, have this option.

When printing from Apple mobile app, document will print with first user ID banner sheet and there is no option to turn it off. Android app or print from Windows OS doesn't print this banner page.


Thank you for investigation and advice



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