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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Push XWCDP configuration along with MSI client installation


The reference configuration file is the "xmpc.json" file that is normally included in the .EXE file.  This file contains information that links the client to the a specific cloud company that it will automatically pull down the default print queues.  This file can be extracted from the .EXE and placed in folder where it get's picked up when the application first runs.

There no mechanism to set default direct printers based on user or user groups at this time.  It is possible to download a printers .xwcpd file, which is just a zip package.  This package includes the token of the user that downloaded it it can be used "as-is" for all users.  You need to modify the package to extract the token.  Once complete, you can push the file to user's workstation and run the client to install it.

It is possible to manually extract the token from the xwcdp file:

  1. Download the desired driver install package (.xwcdp).
  2. Rename the extension to (.zip), then Unzip the file to some empty folder.
  3. Edit the DeviceData.json file located in the CloudPrint subfolder.
  4. Delete the AuthenticationToken value, that is, everything between the double quotes that appears immediately after "AuthenticationToken": [The resulting entry should look like: “AuthenticationToken”:””,].  Leave the remaining data after the comma in place.
  5. Save the file.
  6. Rezip the contents of the folder from step 2, and change the zip file extension to (.xwcdp).
  7. The new printer package can be double clicked to install, or installation can be run from the command line like so:

“C:\Program Files\Xerox\Xerox Workplace Cloud Client\JobSubmission\jobsubmission.exe” “c:\somepath\XeroxWorkplaceCloudClient.xwcdp”

You would do the above after the MSI installation completes.  So steps are:

  1. Push over MSI, JSON file and modified XWCDP file.
  2. Run MSI.
  3. Install the XWCDP printer using the command line shown above

You should be able to achieve the above using SCCM, InTune or other IT software management package.

Good luck!

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New Member
New Member

Push XWCDP configuration along with MSI client installation


I have found the MSI file we can use to deploy the Xerox Workplace Cloud client to our users.

However, I would like to install a specific printer by default too, so the users don't have to manually add the printer. Is it possible to automatically install a specific printer after Workplace Cloud client has been installed? And if so, how should you achieve that? I thought maybe there was a way of referencing an .xwcdp file in the MSI, but can't find a solution.

I did read in the admin manual (without further clarification unfortunately): "It is assumed that the Desktop Client is being installed via an IT push mechanism such as SCCM. As part of that managed installation, the appropriate configuration file can be included with the client installation package (...)" - so I guess it is possible somehow...

Thank you!

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