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Re: Setting Up a Printer for Workplace Cloud

As i know setting up printing features in Workplace Cloud can vary based on the specific printer model and the updates to the interface. Printing Over the Web: Log in to Workplace Cloud. Add/connect printer in "Printers" section. Ensure printer is registered and online. Troubleshoot by referring to updated user manual or contacting support. Remember, specific steps may vary based on your printer model and UI updates. 

If you're encountering difficulties with specific features, refer to your printer's user manual or documentation for instructions tailored to your model. Check for any firmware updates for your printer. Sometimes, updates can add or improve cloud printing features. Reach out to Xerox customer support or consult their online resources for assistance with the most current user interface.

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Setting Up a Printer for Workplace Cloud

Hello, I've noticed a number of features available when viewing my Workplace Cloud account but have no clue how to utilize them. Notably, the ability to email the printer directly through @PrintByXerox (using works but I would like for the jobs to be released automatically) and printing over the web (my printer does not show in the list) are the things I have been experiencing trouble with.

Most searching online makes reference to a seemingly outdated UI, specifying tabs that do not exist. So, I'm just left confused.


UPDATE: Nevermind. The options that were mentioned are under the company account.

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