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Workplace Cloud, GSuite and Chromebook

Hi, I am curious if there are instructions specifically for Chromebook printing and importing users from Googles G Suite with The Workplace Cloud Solution? Thanks much!

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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Workplace Cloud, GSuite and Chromebook

There is a Chrome extension that you can find in the Google Chrome Store:  "Xerox Mobile Print Portal".  There are no instructions as it's designed to be simple and intuitive, like the mobile phone apps.  If you install the extension, it will automatically install and XWC follow-you queue called:  "Xerox Mobile Print".  You can also install direct printers via the extension UI, by searching for them by their XWC friendly name.  All printers installed will be availble via the Chrome "Print" option along with any local printers you may have installed.

Regarding GSuite integration.  You cannot directly import users via Chrome.  However, there is single sign-on capability available via the extension assuming the email address that you have registered with XWC is the same email address you use to log into GSuite.  To use the SSO capability, open the extension interface and on the login screen select the gear icon.  Select the enable single sign-on option and then done. 

Hope his helps.

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