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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Workspace cloud for non-comercial users

The Xerox Workplace Cloud feature is a paid service which requires a yearly subscription.  It's intended for business use.  So not sure if that is something you would be interested in.  Another caveat is that the 6515 does not actually support that capability even though it is shown on the WebUI.  This is an errror in the software on the printer, which will have to be corrected by the software development team.  Sorry about the confusion on the setting.

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Workspace cloud for non-comercial users



Since Google Cloud Print is stopped there is no solution for me to printing from an external locaction anymore on my home printer.

I found that after the last firmware update my WorkCentre 6515 DN printer had Workspace Cloud as connectivity option available. I can't find a lot of info if this is only a pay service for comercial users or that there excist non-comercial free accounts too. Even I can't find clear instructions how to setup on my printer.

I hope you can anser my questions? Would be great advantage when I can send printjobs directly to my printer even when I'm not home.


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