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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: XWC 5.8.233 - Disable license expiration alerts

Correct.  It's sent to all administrators as well as all anyone listed on the Company Profile page under Contact Email.  License expiration is critical to the function of the product.  So we have opted to include admistrators as we had many cases in the past were the contact email was out of date.  This resulted in many complaints that there was not any notice about licenses expiring.  To address this, we now include the administrators and there is no option to disable this.  Too much information in this case is deemed better than none if it ensures the continuation of uninterrupted use of the solution for the end users.

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XWC 5.8.233 - Disable license expiration alerts

It seems that by default, XWC sends license expiration email alerts at regular intervals to all users with the "Account Administrator" role. Is there a way to change this behavior and disable alerts for certain group members?