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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: XWC Contingency plan

The solution supports a fallback printing mode in the client as well as fallback authentication (badge) in the agent.  These are triggered if the client or agent cannot connect to the XWC backend.  In this past service discruption case, the fallback mode was not triggered as the client could still connect to the XWC backend, and the error was further along in the communication path.

There is a capability for a customer to forcible swith the client into fallback mode using a DNS setting.  Details are documented in the XWC Administration Guide.  To a customer could force the fallback mode while the service disruption is occurring and then turn if off after things are back to normal.

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New Member
New Member

XWC Contingency plan


Given that issues and side effects of new realeases can always occur, given the impact it can have on customer's business, could you please share what Contingency Plan should be recommended to the customer once implementing a XWC solution.


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