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Salvador Flores
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XWC and MAC enviroment

I have a customer that I'm trying to figure out the best and simplest way to configure.  They are an all MAC enviroment, peer to peer.  I setup my company authentication tye to Xerox Workplace Cloud.  I then used the csv file to import users with PIN ID's.  From the authentication screen on the Xerox control panel, I can use the PIN to log the user in so that part is nice.  I then ran the client installer on a MAC, it installs and adds the XWC app.  I can then select the app icon and choose Sign In.  It prompts for the users email address and then asks for a password.  The csv file does not have a password field and the customer's I.T. wants to avoid having all the end users register via the web portal.
1. Customer has G-Suite, can XWC authentication be setup using the secure LDAPS.  If so, can someone provide the configuration instructions?
2. If G-Suite is not an option for authentication, is there a setting to avoid the end users from having to register via the web portal?
3. I was able to get the printer to automatically install once the client authenticated, I used my account that already has a password set.  However, can I get confirmation, in order for the printer to install on a MAC, the client has to alreay have the PPD installed?  Is there not a way to have the XWC client pull the PPD the same way the Windows client pulls the print driver when using the customer print driver option?
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